Gousseau Road Disc Hubs

The Gousseau road disc hubs use straight-pull spokes and Center Lock rotors. For rapid and secure engagement, they use a 36T Star Ratchet system.
The Gousseau RDF-CL front hub is available as quick-release or with 12mm or 15mm thru-axles. The Gousseau RDR-CL rear hub is also available as quick-release, or with 12mm*135mm or 12mm*142mm Thru-Axles.
We offer Shimano, Sram XD-R, or Shimano MicroDrive freehubs.

Gousseau FRD-CL 24Hole, Straignt Pull, Center Lock, Road Disc Hub


Front Road Disc

Spokes: Straight Pull
Brakes: Center Lock
Axles: Quick-Release
            12mm Thru-Axle
            15mm Thru-Axle

Bearings: Japanese EZO
FTF: 63.3mm
Flange Dia: 34mm

LCF: 21.67mm
RCF: 28.29mm
Spoke Hole Offset: 1.42mm

Weight: 94g
Drillings: 24H, 28H

Gousseau RRD-CL 28Hole, Shimano, Straight Pull, Center Lock, Road Disc Hub


Rear Road Disc

Spokes: Straight-Pull
Brakes: Center Lock
Axles: Quick-Release
12 x 135mm Thru-Axle
12 x 142mm Thru-Axle
Bearings: Japanese EZO
FTF: 60.6
Flange Dia: 34mm / 47mm

LCF: 30.22mm
RCF: 17.42mm
Spoke Hole Offset: 1.11mm

Weight: 235g
Drillings: 28H

Please note that these hubs are designed to be built using a 2-cross spoke pattern.