Gousseau Gravel/Adventure RimsĀ 

The Gousseau GADOC rims are tubeless-ready, offset, and hookless.
The offset helps balance spoke tension on both sides of the rim. This builds stronger and more durable wheels.
The rims are ‘hookless’ which allows the use of wider tires and also decreases the chances of damage due to impact when running lower tire pressures.
They are suitable for 28c to 42c tires.

Gousseau GADOC

Offset, Gravel/Adventure Rim
  • Inner Width: 23mm
  • Outer Width: 26mm
  • Height: 18.5mm
  • Weight: 420g
  • Seam: Sleeved
  • Offset: 3.5mm
  • ERD: 598.3
Gousseau GADOC Rim Profile