Gousseau Rims

When we were looking for reasonably priced alloy rims, we couldn’t find anything that ticked enough boxes. So, we decided to make our own.
First, we scratched our heads and came up with designs that we wanted to ride.
Next, we partnered with a factory that understood our goals and who would help us achieve them.

We had the same problem when we looked at hubs. Brands that had the features that we wanted seemed to be overpriced and underwhelming.
So we made our own. 

Gousseau RD-CL Straignt Pull, Center Lock, Road Disc Hubset
Gousseau RD-CL Road Disc Hub Parts

After design changes, production changes, more changes to our changes, and a few seasons worth of testing, our rims and hubs were finally ready.

And now we ride!